Why Choose Amarroso Vinyl Fencing?

Available in PicketLock or Pro Series

Amarroso™ vinyl fencing is available in two series—PicketLock and Pro Series—to best suit your fence application, budget and décor. Each series features the benefits of low-maintenance vinyl, a lifetime limited warranty and neighbor-friendly design.

PicketLock Series

PicketLock Series

Amarroso’s unique PicketLock technology securely locks pickets into place between the rails. Glue and fastener-free connections ensure stability for years to come. Amarroso’s PicketLock styles are available in preassembled panels or boxed kits. Both are straightforward to install and require no special tools.

Pro Series

Amarroso Pro Series vinyl fences are not just durable; they’re beautiful, too. This professional-grade fencing requires no external hardware, uses a routed assembly system, and offers rail reinforcements for unparalleled sturdiness and a flawless appearance. Choose from multiple styles in ready-to-assemble kits.

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